Skoulikas Bedford Ltd Quality Control

Quality Control

Skoulikas Bedford Ltd is committed to sourcing the highest quality fine foods, full of flavour and goodness.

We are dedicated to maintaining high standards and have in place systems and procedures to control and check our products.

Some of the systems and procedures used to guarantee our high standards are:

  • Analysis of the raw ingredients.
  • Periodic checks and analysis of the product during stages of production.
  • Analysis of each finished batch that is produced.
  • Vigorous cleaning of all machinery before the production process begins, this ensures there is no cross contamination from product to product.
  • Dedicated production lines for organic products.
  • Analysis to verify no cross contamination of allergens.

Our staff, visit all our manufacturers and audit their production processes. Through visits and laboratory analysis we have confidence in the quality of all aspects of the production process and thus the finished product.

All our suppliers are highly respected food processors in Europe, with many sourcing the raw ingredients from their own farms. In this way quality can be assured.

Food Safety

We guarantee to:

  • Meet our obligation to produce legal and safe products.
  • Work with our suppliers to ensure the production methods used satisfy the customer for quality and safety standards.
  • Work with our suppliers to ensure the hygienic-sanitary safety of products through correct company self-control management based on HACCP system principles.
  • Constantly evolve all the integrated systems in order to adapt the conformity according to any changes of internal and external conditions.
  • Implement a deep evaluation of suppliers in order to reduce the risks of non- conforming raw materials, systems and procedures.
  • Review and monitor both our systems and our suppliers.
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