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Brochure 2022

Welcome to Skoulikas Bedford Ltd.

Our current product portfolio includes some of Greece and Italy's premier brands together with many carefully selected regional products capturing the diversity and authenticity of traditional Greek and Italian cuisine.

We offer our Own Brands, carefully selected Exclusive Brands and the most popular Brands to give you a wide diversity of products to choose from.

Product News

Dal Colle Croissants

New Packaging and Pistachio flavour added to the Range of Dal Colle Croissants...     Sour dough product Naturally leavened over a long period Dough rolled...
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Sapori Antichi Pasta

Multicolour Pasta! Six natural ingredients are used, such as turmeric, squid ink. paprika, spinach, beetroot and durum wheat semolina: it achieves a perfect combination of colours...
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Sunita Speciality Olives

Speciality Sunita Olives... Garlic Stuffed Pepper Stuffed Marinated Mixed Olives (NEW)  expertly blended with aromatic herbs and peppers!Hand-picked to protect nature’s wildlife VEGAN New & improved...
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Sunita Organic Olives

New packaging for our Sunita Organic Olives! Organic Olives: Kalamata  Konservolia Green  Spicy Kalamata (NEW)    pitted Kalamata immersed in extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs...
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Sunita Conventional Olives

New and extended range of classic Greek hand-picked olives! Conventional Classic Greek olives Kalamata  Kalamata Pitted   Green Pitted Jumbo (NEW)    Hand-picked to protect nature’s wildlife VEGAN...
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La Fiammante preserves the authentic flavor of the best Italian raw materials. This is carried out only with fresh tomatoes selected with competence and responsibility, conferred...
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